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How to Decrease Screen Time for Kids

Apr 02 , 2018

In this era, children prefer indoor activities over outdoor ones. Most of them are obsessed with technology from TV, to computers, to tablets, and video games. Often this attraction to gadgets distracts them from their studies, homework and much more because of these devices.

What started as a few minutes of temporary diversion for me has now become a huge problem as my two year old loves the mobile and his set of shows that he watches. Often screens become a replacement to playing, as sad as it sounds. I wanted to decrease this but going cold turkey was a bad idea. It made him irritated. Here are a few ways I decreased the screen time without raising my voice:

Encourage your kids for other activities

Encourage kids for other activities

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Sometimes, my kid’s stubborn behavior makes me frustrated as they don’t want to leave their favorite shows. But, I have found the way to deal with them without losing my calmness and that is encourage them for doing other things. For example, I read comics and laugh very loudly to show my kids that the comic is funnier than the cartoon channels and hence they come to me to see the comic.

Play with Your Kids

Play with Your Kids

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Best way to decrease your kid’s screen time is just play with them like a kid. I have always take my kids to the garden and play games which they like. Sometimes, I have to lure my children to get them distracted from watching their favorite cartoon channels.

Set Limited Viewing Times

I have made a daily routine for my kids, the tot does watch the tablet or TV only for 1 hour tops. Other benefits of creating a routine for your kids is that they will complete their homework on time, study properly and much more. So, I suggest you to create a day routine for your kids to decrease their screen time.

Get involved in your children lives

Get involved in your children lives

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I have personally experienced that scolding isn’t the best way to decrease the screen time because it creates the difference between the child and parents. That’s why I always try to become their friend so that my kids share their views with me without any hesitation. I personally recommend you to become little-bit talkative so that your kids come to you first rather than opting for television.


Family Outings

Source- Dr Dina Kulik

This is my favorite way to decrease my kid’s screen time because family outings give me another opportunity to spend some quality time with my beautiful family. I usually take my kids and wife for the dinner at their favorite restaurant.

What did you do to distract your kids from the screen? Please drop your ideas to us!

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