Crazy Things Almost Every Indian Mom Does

Apr 27 , 2021

Mothers are the most beautiful and special person in everyone’s life, they are truly sweethearts. No matter what, each Mom has a tendency to do some crazy stuff and they just can’t get over it. So, let’s check out some of such things below which you can surely relate to:

  • Smell their baby’s diaper to keep a check on his poop!
  • Bargain with hawkers for even 10 rupees.
  • Poke fingers in their kid’s nose to make sure it’s clean. Ahhh, ridiculous but they don’t feel gross at all.
  • Call their kid’s funny pet name in public.
  • No matter whether the trip is long or short they always carry a mini kitchen along.
  • Never let the kids go out empty stomach and forces them to eat.
  • Shout in the middle of the road as if there is no one around. Least bothered about others because have all rights to call out their children’s name aloud.
  • Start talking to themselves whenever angry or annoyed with someone at home.
  • Grocery shopping for them is like a mission that needs to be accomplished on time.
  • Unnecessarily taunting is something they can never leave. Provoke and then ask others to shut up.
  • Their Facebook posts are full of their kid’s pictures.
  • Whenever an old song is played, their weird dance mode gets on.
  • They always have a problem with their son’s girlfriend and keep stalking her to find out reasons to point her.

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