How to choose the right toys for infants

Apr 27 , 2021

Check out tips for choosing toys for toddlers:

Toys are a great source of entertainment for children and they are surely the ultimate gift. Young kids are not fussy when it comes to toys, but as an aware parent you should be!  Toys play an important role in development of children and must help their mental growth. Toys are a great way to pretend play and must be selected appropriately. There are varieties of choices available in toys for infants, but here is how to choose the right ones:

  • While buying toys for infants, buy the only ones recommended according to age. When buying consider manufacturer’s instructions that a toy is safe for 1-3 months or 6+months. It is important that you take notice of this, as toys meant for older children can be dangerous for infants.
  • Toys are great for mental development. Look for ones that focus on building their awareness, knowledge or role play toys.
  • Avoid buying toys with small parts. They can be choking hazard for the infants.
  • We all know babies put toys in mouth, so ensure that you buy toys that are washable and are made of BPA free plastic

  • Find toys that not only look cute but spark curiosity and call for action.
  • Ask other parents for feedback while buying toys. It can help you purchase good toys.
  • Choose simple and uncomplicated toys. Simple toys allow the children to be creative.
  • Infants are fascinated with movements and sounds; choose toys which let them work on eye-hand coordination. Get toys which they can kick, squeeze, pull or grasp.
  • Check the internet for the review of the toys.

Best toy options for toddlers include:

  • Wooden toys: toys such colorful puzzles and shapes help the child to start recognizing different shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Dolls: This will let them develop sensory skills and build a sense of attachment in the baby.
  • Blocks: Block toys help develop hand-eye coordination, sensory skills, and grasping skills.
  • Electronic learning toys: Babies can see and hear the play sounds or video

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