Fitness Tips For Busy Mothers

May 03 , 2021

Juggling work and other responsibilities are difficult as it is but motherhood is a full-time job that leaves you with very little time for yourself. But taking care of yourself is as important as taking care of your family members and we are well aware of the benefits that come with staying active.

Even if you don’t have time to indulge in regular exercise, staying active is still possible as it even helps you deal with stress as exercising induces endorphin production and improves mood. So for all the mums who have very little or no time for themselves, here are some ways to stay active throughout their day.

Take long walks with kids

If your kids love playing in the park and going out for a stroll, go for a walk with them. This way, you get to complete your steps for the day.

Make your family a part of your routine

Help your family get active as well by asking them to accompany you to morning walks or to workout with you. Fix a few days for easy exercises that your children can also do easily in this way you won’t miss your workout.

Move as much as you can

Move around your house while talking on the phone or doing some other work. Sitting on the couch for the most part of your day makes one feel lethargic.

Play with your kids

Plan to play with your kids and stay active by joining them. You can choose any sport they enjoy playing. If you are busy with work but want to spend time with your kids, and stay active then this is the best way to do it all.

Switch to shorter yet effective workouts

If it is difficult for you to give whole 30 mins to a workout routine then split it into two 15 mins routines or opt for exercises that are effective and don’t take much time from your day.

Follow these tips but make sure to stick to a schedule so that you don’t miss your workouts. Being flexible with your timings will also help you stay active.

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