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Fun Things Kids Can Do with Alexa at Home!

Aug 23 , 2021

Keeping kids entertained is quite a difficult task and at this time children are confined to homes and parents are looking out for innovative ideas every day to keep them busy. Well, if you are also trying to do the same, Use Alexa. We tell you a list of things that kids can try with Alexa.

•    Storytelling

If your kid is asking for stories, assign this task to Alexa. It can read different types of bedtime stories and many more. Alexa can teach them about their favorite characters as well.

•    Asking questions

Kids can ask various types of questions to Alexa. You can help them pick up the questions like:  ‘Alexa, tell me about Jupiter’, Alexa: tell me about Harry porter. They can ask it anything out of curiosity. This will keep them entertained for a while.

•    Play a game

Alexa consists of many games that can keep kids engrossed. Just say “Alexa: Let’s play a game” and choose from the long list including riddles, word games or number games, etc.

•    Alexa jokes

Want to see your munchkin laughing and having fun? Ask Alexa to tell the best and funny jokes. Kids will surely enjoy this.

•    Learning a new language

If your child likes talking, Alexa can make them learn and speak a new language. They can ask Alexa to translate a sentence into French, German or any other language.

•    Maths fun

If your child doesn’t like math much, it is time to make teaching them maths in a fun way. Alexa, start 1-2-3 Math’, and play a game addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, games. It works with a leader board as well.


The kid can ask Alexa to play their favourite dancing number.

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