Drew Barrymore Talks About Kids Processing Emotions

Jul 10 , 2020

The pandemic has changed the way we have lived and most of the parents are more anxious than ever. With so much uncertainty around this situation, people are taking their time to process their emotions and are trying to find what is helping them cope. 

Adults and children express and process their emotions differently and quarantine has been a new experience for many people which can make one feel overwhelmed. Hollywood star Drew Barrymore drew attention to this subject and used her platform to educate people about this. She discussed this topic with Dr. Nia Heard-Garris, a pediatrician and a researcher and Dr. Aliza Pressman, during one of the episodes of her IGTV series on parenting called ‘Raising The Good Humans podcast’. 

‘Nobody is fine right now’, they said during the podcast and one of the guests pointed out that children have a very different way of dealing with stress. It was also discussed that parents can help their children express by first checking how they feel as a parent is the child’s first filter.  The guest also said that children are intuitive and can sense when the truth isn’t being spoken to them. 

The podcast also draws attention to the anxiety issues of children and how changes in social interaction in the past few months may have affected them. 

It is important to give children some space and parents can help them understand how to deal with this new lifestyle. Staying connected through digital platforms can also help kids feel normal by talking and engaging with their friends.

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