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Signs You Need Couple Therapy

Feb 21 , 2018

Everyone wants a good relationship with their spouse. All married ones want to see their partner happy, but at times things just don’t work out and you end up fighting and crying.  To make the relationship work you want all the solutions to your problems and in such case a couple therapy is the best thing you can go for. It helps you in understanding things better and also helps you both find solutions as a couple.

Here are signs that therapy is a must for you both:

When you always fight

Every couple has fights, but some couples can’t communicate without fighting and everyday they have arguments not conversations. This is the time when therapy can help you learn how to diffuse arguments, speak to each other more calmly and ensure you treat each other with respect.


Pretending everything is fine

Some couples fight which few try to avoid fights by ignoring important issues or by pretending everything to be fine. Keeping thinks inside can work for a while, but it’s never an effective long-term way to avoid fights. Therapy makes you understand how to tackle issues head-on in ways that feel safe and manageable to both of you.

Argument on same issues

There are many important issues which always become a reason of your argument and you both fail to resolve them So, at this situation therapy can help you find the root of the issue and figure out whether you’re actually compatible or not?

Not involving your partner in your plans

If you’re not involving your partner in your plans and prefer going shopping, dinner, movies  without him, then this is the time for you to see a counselor or give a second thought to your relationship.


Keeping Exes as Friends

If you are holding on emotionally to a past relationship, it means you’re leaving emotional space for someone other than your current partner.

Sex Issues

When sex is also a reason for  fights and you argue because of mismatched sex drives, a  sex therapist can help you find a solution.

Financial Issues

This is also one of the biggest issues in relationships. Almost every couple has some sort of fight about money.  Couples therapy help you understand your relationships with money and find ways to compromise about your finances.

Expect different things

When couples want two different things from their relationship, they must visit a therapist.

So, whenever you face such signs with your partner, you must visit a therapist to make things better for you and your relationship.

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