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Temple Decoration Ideas for Janmashtami

Aug 29 , 2018

In Hindus on Janmashtami Lord Krishna’s birthday is celebrated with beautiful decorations at home  . People conduct puja and worship the god’s idol on this day. As Janmashtami is around the corner so here we have the decoration ideas for  your home temple, take a look.

  • It’s the birth of the god so make both Krishna and Radha dress up in beautiful clothes. Radha ji is also a part of the puja so get the goddess ready too in new attire. Decorate them with ornaments, garlands and in bright clothes. Get Krishna’s flute decorated too in bright papers, sparkles and also bring god’s favorite peacock feather accessory.
  • Decorate Krishna’s cradle beautifully.
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  • If your cradle is small and is to be kept in the temple, decorate with flowers, sparkle papers, etc. If you have a big one, different types of lights and other artificial flowers can be used for decoration. Marigold and roses are good options.
  • Decorate the crown of Krishna with peacock feathers as it adds value to the Janmashtami decorations.
  • Around the walls use wall hangings, flowers, lights and other decorative things like peacock feathers and the flute of Lord Krishna.
  • Use embroidered cloth panels for decoration. Put it behind over the temple’s wall to give it a royal look. This adds a festive touch to the décor.
  • Door hangings are also attractive. These door hangings usually come printed in beautiful prints related to Janmashtami. You can use them at the entry of your prayer room to make it look beautiful. The doors can also be decorated with pictures of Krishna.
  • Decorate the whole temple with natural flowers and special lighting.
  • The chowki in the temple where the god is placed can be decorated in printed clothes, laces etc.
  • Around the temple create Krishna village scene. You can use artificial trees, small houses, cow toys etc to create the village environment.

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  • Make rangoli beside the temple.

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