Tips to Ease Your Parent’s Covid Anxiety

Nov 24 , 2020

Coronavirus cases are once again on the rise these days. Every day we hear about the increasing numbers of infections and deaths. We all are living in fear and accepting the new normal. But it has been particularly tough for our ageing parents. The fear of catching the infection and all the changes because of it are affecting their mental health. As kids it is important for you to help reduce their anxiety that they might be experiencing. So here are some tips to ease your parent’s coronavirus anxiety: 

  • Give them the right information 

Social media to news channels everyone is talking about coronavirus right now. There is a lot of information circulating, but not all is correct or beneficial. In the middle of this pandemic it is important that our parents get the correct information. Share positive articles, videos and information with them. 

  • Talk to them 

In case you don’t live with them stay in contact through video call or phone calls. Talking to them will reduce their anxiety as it is comforting to know that someone is there for yo. 

  • Teach them use of technology 

Staying away from our closed and loved ones can take a toll on everyone’s mental health. Teach them things that allow them to stay in touch with people like video calls. 

  • Answer their questions

If you parents ask you something related to the pandemic, answer them. Give them the right information as this will reduce their anxiety and they will feel better. 

  • Distract them 

Plan some activities at home that will distract their focus from the coronavirus updates and news. Play games, cook, spend time with each other. 

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