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Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Quarantine

May 07 , 2020

Mother’s day is a day to cherish the relationship with your mother. Following this year’s circumstances, all of us will be celebrating mother’s day at home or maybe even away from our moms.

Due to this nationwide lockdown, traditions like a spa day, lunch, and dinner dates are next to impossible. But this doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate this lovely day. Here we have some creative and innovative ideas to celebrate mother’s day in quarantine:

•    Breakfast in bed

Show her that you are doting children and wake her up with a tray full of tea, eggs, pancakes, or her favorite breakfast recipe. This will make her feel very special.

•    Watch a mother-daughter movie together

As you are stuck inside your house, a movie marathon is a great option to celebrate this occasion. Pick up a mother-daughter movie and watch it together.

•    Raise a toast virtually

Connect with all the important women in your life through video calls and raise a toast for them. It is like having a party virtually.

•    Give her a head massage

Moms love head massages, so, make her feel relaxed by giving her a chumpy.

•    Plan manicure

I am sure every woman is in a desperate need of a manicure now. Grab scrub and few nail paints, give her a great manicure.

•  Do her makeup and get clicked

Who needs an occasion to get ready and do makeup? We know it’s been long you haven’t get ready, so take up your brush, do your mother’s makeup, get ready, and click lots of pictures.

•    Online cooking class

Take an online cooking class with other members of the family and cook a meal together. Because a family that cooks together stays together.

•    Learn a new skill together

Whenever you do something new, your mother is your biggest cheerleader. Think of something that she always wanted to learn, and spend the day learning it at home. It can be painting, knitting, or anything that she likes.

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