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Delicious Dessert Recipes for Your Kids

Apr 05 , 2021

Taking care of your child’s needs and cravings during a lockdown is not that easy. It’s been a long time that the schools are closed and we are stuck inside homes. While all of us are trying our best to keep the COVID-19 at bay but for kids are having a tough time so treating them with some delicious desserts is a good option. These will make your kids happy so here we have some quick and easy dessert recipes.

•    Oreo brownie

Kids love oreo biscuits, so make a delicious dessert for them using it. You just need milk, Oreo biscuit, baking powder, parle-G, and chocolate syrup. I am sure kids will love Oreo biscuits in this form.

•    Strawberry popsicle

Kids love ice pop and it is easy for them to make as well. They require no baking and are delicious as well.

•    Fruit custard

Custard is creamy, delicious, and flavorful with lots of fruits to it. A chilled custard is something that will make your kids happy.

•    Chocolate brownies

Kids just love brownies and chocolate ones are their favorite. So make some easy delicious chocolate brownies for them at home.

•    Pancakes

Pancakes are a perfect dessert option. Make pancakes healthy by adding fruit, nuts, or seeds for extra fiber and nutrients. They are easy and simple to make.

•    Fruit cream

This tasty, sweet creamy delight is just perfect for kids. Add lots of fruits, some nuts, and syrups to make it tastier.

•    Homemade ice cream

Kids love ice cream so make some at home for them.

Involve your kids too while making these for them.

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