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Tri-color Dishes for Kids

Jan 21 , 2021

As Republic Day is approaching, you must be thinking what to cook for them that matches the theme right? So to help you with it we have come up with some options that your kids would love. So here are some tri-color dish options for your

·    Tri-color pasta salad

You will easily get colored pasta in the market, add some colorful vegetables to it and bingo you are ready. This will be something delicious and healthy as well.

·        Tricolor momos

Kids love momos, so give them a different twist this time by adding edible food color in the dough.

·        Tri-color sandwich

Sandwiches are popular among kids and they will love the tri-color ones. Add orange and green vegetables to a regular sandwich. You can add carrots, spinach, mint chutney, or paneer mixed with tri-color sauces.

·        Tri-color idlis

To add some fun to the idlis add food color to the batter. Kids will love the orange, white and green idlis. You can even make different colored chutneys, tomato chutney for orange color and mint chutney for green color.

·        Tri-color pancakes

Add color to the batter and make some delicious and sweet pancakes for your kids. To make them more interesting you can add similar colors toppings as well.

·        Tri-color muffins

Kids love muffins more when they come in different colors and shapes. Just like other recipes you can add food color to the dough. Or to keep it natural you can use peas for green color and carrots for the orange. Also, you can bake normal muffins and do frosting with colored whipped cream.

We are sure kids will love these dishes.

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