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Tooth Brushing Tips for Tots

Jan 12 , 2021

One of the difficult task for parents is to get their tots to brush their teeth every morning. Although they will lose their baby teeth but can still get cavities. So you need to set proper oral hygiene rules for them and help them understand the importance of cleaning teeth.  Here are some simple tooth brushing tips for tots:

When to start brushing?

Oral hygiene can start at an early age. When your kid is an infant you can clean his mouth after every feeding. When you notice the first teeth appear in your baby’s mouth you can start brushing routine.

Source pngtree

Source pngtree

Tips for brushing toddler’s teeth:

  1. Let your kid choose their own toothbrush.  Choose a smaller brush for tour toddlers.
  2. Brush with your child and let them enjoy your company. Sing the same song every tooth brushing time, as toddlers also thrive on routine and predictability.
  3. Get them a different toothpaste, something with fancy cover or flavor.
  4. Make it fun for them with their favorite tunes or songs.
  5. You can also get them attractive battery operated brushes.
  6. Award them  with little things for brushing teeth.
  7. Always do it in front of the mirror, let your child watch them do brushing
  8. Kids copy their parents so start doing it before going to the bed as well, this way they will also learn the same habit.
  9. Do not share brushes in front of them and teach them that sharing brushing is not a good habit.
  10. Tell them brushing is the first thing that they have to do after waking up.

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