This Girl’s Letter to her Parents about Tooth Fairy is Winning Hearts

Sep 27 , 2019

We all must have heard about the tooth fairy in our childhood as almost every parent tells their kid about this and they too believe in that. However recently a little girl from the United Kingdom cross-questioned her parents about this myth and wrote a letter to them.

The nine-year-old London resident demanded £100 in a note after realizing that they’d been lying to her about the tooth fairy leaving cash in exchange for her teeth. Her father shared her note on Twitter and other parents shared their own similar experiences.

Check out the post here:

The letter, which had “Dear Tooth Fairy” crossed out and was addressed to “Dear mum and dad”, said “yes we know it’s you. STOP LYING” written in brackets.

“Just a little tip, leave 100 pounds instead of 1. (It’s a great idea),” the child wrote. “Anyway, have a nice night.”

She signed off: “Your-most-great-detective-at-finding-out-who-liars-are.” She then wrote her name and ended the letter saying she was their ‘, favourite child’.

In a post script, she added: “What do you do with all our teeth? TELL ME.”

Immediately her letter went viral and resulted in floods of comments. Check out the people’s reactions below:

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