Benefits of breastfeeding for mothers

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Mothers

Aug 02 , 2021

Pregnancy and a baby gives us (mothers) a whole new world. Breastfeeding is not only helpful for baby but it also helps the mother. Breast milk provides optimal nutrition to babies and boosts their immunity as well. Besides the benefits, feeding our baby is a pure blessing for us. As a mother, I would like to share the benefits of breastfeeding to motivate other mothers to continue doing it

Benefits of breastfeeding for mothers


It strengths the mother-baby bond

It is very helpful in building a strong connection between the mother and the baby. The warmth and the frequent touch of a mother helps in the healthy development of the baby. It helps the mother to come closer to the baby and also provides a relief from delivery pain.

Reduces the risk of breast cancer

It reduces the risk of breast cancer by 25 %.The longer the mother breastfeeds her child, the lower is the risk of developing a breast cancer.

Promotes emotional health

Benefits of breastfeeding for mothers


Breastfeeding not only benefits a mother’s body but also her mind. Studies suggest that mother that breastfeed have less anxiety and depression than the ones who formula-feed.

Prevents the risk of conception

Every mother should maintain a gap of at least 3 years in the next pregnancy for the good of the mother, baby, and unborn one. Breastfeeding helps to maintain this gap as it lowers the chances of conceiving soon after pregnancy. In simple words, it is a healthy way of conception.

Helps in losing weight after pregnancy

While breastfeeding the fat converts into milk production and helps in losing weight. Also, Breastfeeding burns extra calories approximately 850 calories a day so follow a balanced diet along to lose those extra pounds.

We understand that breast milk is best for the baby but in case you are struggling with it, don’t hesitate to opt for formula milk.

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