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Farah Khan Dresses Up Daughter to Recreate Paintings

Jun 04 , 2020

Farah Khan is a versatile personality, she is not only a filmmaker but a choreographer and is good with hair, make-up, costumes, and photography too. Recently she used these talents when she dressed up her daughters Anya and Diva and made them pose to recreate classical paintings for a school assignment.

While sharing the pictures of her daughters she wrote on Instagram: “Recreate a painting was a school assignment for my daughters..luckily for them mommy is a hairstylist, makeup artist, costumer & photographer all in 1. quite good I think.. what say ul? #anya #diva SWIPE LEFT,”


During the lockdown, Farah is working on her creative side. Recently, she tried her hand at knitting but what started as a hairband for her son Czar turned out as something else altogether. Sharing a picture, she wrote on Instagram, “I started knitting a hairband for my son Czar. It turned into something we cannot fathom! Is it a mask? Is it a loincloth? Is it the flag of Italy?? whatever it is Czar will have to wear it now!! Any suggestions?”

Later, Farah also shared a picture of Czar wearing the ‘multipurpose’ knit as a mask as well as a hairband.


Her daughter Anya is also looking out ways to kill her time in lockdown. She has been doing pencil sketches and auctioning them to feed the stray animals who are finding it hard to find food.

After lockdown ends, Farah will again work on her next directorial venture which will be produced by Rohit Shetty.

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