Things Indian Parents Should Stop Doing to New Born’s

Apr 19 , 2021

Parenting style in India is very different from other countries as Indian parents are overprotective for their kids. Parents in their blind love and concern, end up doing or saying funny things. Check out the list of such things that Indian parents should stop doing to their newborn baby

•    A mother’s superstitious side emerges as soon as she holds her newborn. But they need to stop applying a large “Kaala tikka” to the kid.

•    Stop posting weird pictures of their kid on social media.

•    Applying too much kajal on the for bigger eyes.

•    Doctors suggest that you should always make your kid wear one extra clothing layer but covering them from head to toe with clothes

•    Keeping weird and unique nicknames of their kids

•    Tying a lot of kala dhaga on their body

•    Pouring allot of talcum powder on them

•    Clicking weird pictures of their kid.

•    Kissing them after every ten mins.

• Giving them water and honey right after birth.

Massage is a way of bonding with the baby but Indians hire a maalish-wali who twists and pulls the baby in unimaginable ways. 

Not turning on the AC for the new born.

Restricting food choices for the lactating mother.

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