Blocked Nose? Home Remedies to Treat It

Feb 21 , 2018

locked or stuffy nose is a very common problem in kids. Colds and flu cause congestion in kids and this creates a issue of stuffy nose that creates a lot of discomfort for the baby. Children get irritated as a blocked nose makes it very hard to eat and sleep in this condition. Being a parent it is hard for us as see our kid in discomfort. Here I share some home remedies that will help you clean the blocked nose of your little one for immediate relief:

Use Saline Solution

Blocked nose? Home remedies to treat it

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First of all, give some squirts of saline solution into your kid’s mucus-filled nose. It will loosen up things and makes it easy to clean the nose. Saline solution is very useful, and I highly recommend it for dry nose problem. It is safe to use for kids and toddlers as well.

Clean out Mucus

Blocked nose? Home remedies to treat it

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Use a nasal bulb or aspirator to clean out mucus from your baby’s nose. Since little ones are not able to blow their noses and require this. Nasal aspirator uses suction to pull out mucus from the nostrils. If your child is able to, then make him blow his nose regularly.


I use this for myself and my baby too. However, this method can be used for kids above 1.5 years. Place your index finger on both sides of the nose and press softly for a few seconds. Pressing this area provides instant relief.


Blocked nose? Home remedies to treat it

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Give warm steam to your kid to break up the congestion, as it loses nasal secretions. Turn on the shower in the bathroom, generate steam with hot water. Remain in the bathroom with your kid for 10 to 20 minutes. It is the safest way to give him steam. Or you can use steamer as well.

Give fluids

Fluids are easier to swallow and reduce congestion. If your child is above 3 months, you can offer him breast milk. And grown-up children can take warm soups and other hot drinks as well.

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