Will COVID-19 Affect Children?

Jul 20 , 2020

The general observation suggests that the novel coronavirus affects the elderly, sick and immunocompromised people. Studies say that children are less at the risk of being exposed to infected people as they are at home mostly and are well cared for. Though, there are some other possibilities as well.

Check out why children are at less risk of Covid-19:

•    Not enough receptors for Covid-19

The Covid virus enters into healthy cells and children are not yet fully mature, because of which the virus can’t bind them. This results in children not getting a severe form of the Covid-19.

•    Presence of antibodies

Children are the most susceptible to respiratory infections. There are chances that they already have a huge number of antibodies against viruses in their blood more than adults.

•    Growing immune system

The immune system of children is already developing and they have not the same immune system as adults.

The symptoms of Covid-19 divided into various categories:

•    Asymptomatic

Absence of any symptoms

•    Mild

Fever, muscle ache, runny nose, sore throat, and sneezing.

•    Moderate

Fever, cough, with or without wheezing and no shortness of breath.

•    Severe

Cough, fever, and diarrhea.

•    Critical

Initial symptoms quickly progress to respiratory failure and shock, heart failure or blood clotting.

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