Effective Tips to Score Well in Maths Exams

Apr 06 , 2021

Maths is considered as the highest-scoring subject but most of the students don’t like it. It is fun subject for some students but for few it’s a nightmare. There are only two ways either you get it right or you get it completely wrong. Despite this, maths is one subject where you can score good marks.  If you are freaking out a bit about your Maths exam, here are some effective tips to score well in it. 

  • Read the questions carefully 

One of the most common mistakes that students make is that they try to rush to finish the exam on time, and they tend to overlook certain key aspects of a question!

  • Attempt the easy questions first 

Experts have noticed that children attempt hard questions first and leave the easy ones for the last.  It’s understandable you want to attempt the more complex questions at the beginning when you think you are having a fresh mind and want to dedicate the most time to them, but you shouldn’t! Just like sportspeople do warm up before the game, you must attempt easy questions before to get warmed up. You will find that you can solve the question paper a lot more smoothly than before.

  • Answer in steps 

Always remember to solve the question in steps. You cannot simply write the answer and get full marks in Maths, so pay attention to the steps. 

  • Draw graphs 

Using graphs and figures can help you to score more marks if you make them with concentration and neatness. For this, use a ruler and a sharpened pencil.

  • Check your work at the end 

Highlight the questions that you were not confident of and in the end cross check it. Make sure to check all answers at the end. Double checking your answers is always great. 

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