How to emotionally ‘connect’ with your baby

Feb 24 , 2018

For many mommies like me, the emotional bond doesn’t develop immediately. In fact with maids, in-laws, hubby and parents all willing to handle and take care of my newborn, I was not sure if I bonded with the tiny pretty human I made! One of the most powerful parenting tools that we (parents) have is the emotional bond that exists between us and our child. It is not a Bollywood ode of love but a beautiful bond which tells you what unconditional love is! The parent-baby connect is a beautiful one. And the emotional connect is important as it helps the child develop on so many levels. I realized my dependency on everyone to take care of my child and here are a few ways new parents, like us, can connect with their kids emotionally:

· Play with them

How to emotionally ‘connect’ with your baby

Source: Kids U

Take out some time to play. Yes, a baby cannot play much but basic rattles and coochie-coo games are fun! Also talk to them softly but without any slurred words. It helps develop their listening skills and I used to chat about how my day went, what all work I would do etc to my baby. The only response would be his coos and giggles but it helped.

· Understand emotions

An emotional connection is a two-way process. To create an emotional bond with your child you have to equally respect their emotions and this is majorly what toddler-parents relationships are about. Give equal importance to what they feel.

· Do not use technology as a pacifier

How to emotionally ‘connect’ with your baby

Source Mommy Republic

As children grow up, many parents start giving their kids mobiles etc but using technology as a bait will never help in the long run. Also, it isolates the kid from his or her own parents. You will end up missing opportunities to bond with your child.

· Spend ‘we’ time

How to emotionally ‘connect’ with your baby

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In India where a house help is hired for a kid, we often do not end up bonding with our own tots! Spend an hour with your baby, cuddle, talk, make them eat and sleep with you to bond better. Co-sleeping in the earlier months is a great way to bond with your child.

· Breastfeed

How to emotionally ‘connect’ with your baby

Source: nutriklub

Breastfeeding is a unique and beautiful bond between a new mom and a baby and you shouldn’t resort to bottle until you are medically advised.

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