Kids in summer

Fun things to do with kids during the Coronavirus Crisis

Jun 15 , 2020

We as parents generally look for activities like crafts, travel ideas, extra classes of swimming, painting etc during summer break but there are many other ways too with which we can enjoy with our kids and keep them involved. Don’t believe us ? Well then check out some fun activities you can plan with your children

Some gardening together

Toddlers can help to sprinkle water with tiny watering can. It will keep them involved and they will even enjoy doing the same.

Play dress-up

Collect old clothes, hats, gloves and purses and get dressed up like superheroes, princess, etc. You can do  a ramp walk, get clicked with your child . This will not only be fun but  would be the best memory you would love watching afterwards.

Kids in summer


As you park your car and wash it, allow your child to do the same with his bicycle while you wash your own. He may get all wet doing so but let him enjoy the moment and be satisfied cleaning his cycle.

Exploring the garden or enjoying some bug safari

Dig for worms, scout for lizards, hunt for frogs and this would surely be something interesting and crazy to do. Be there for guidance and help them out as they discover new things they will surely be excited to know what they see.

Gaze the stars at night

Lie down on the grass and make a tent house in your garden. Fill pillows and blankets and organize everything you would need at night as you plan your first family stargazing night.

Play with a water balloon baseball

Not only your kids but even you will enjoy this. Try hitting a wobbly water balloon with a plastic bat. It would be great fun for everybody regardless of age!

Arrange Party

Ask your little one to help you in arranging a themed party for his /her friends . You can do rain dance,  pool party , cartoon themed party and much more.

Make paintings

Play with colours and make some paintings with him. You can even paint soothing on your white clothes and make them colourful .

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