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How to Communicate with a Sensitive Child

Aug 24 , 2021

Each child is unique and has a distinct personality that could be completely different from the parents. Young children are taught to be polite and empathetic but a few are naturally inclined to behave similarly. This may even be a big part of their personality and they are generally sensitive. 

Understanding a sensitive child is the first step towards communicating with them but still and here is how you can do that effectively. Here are some things to know about connecting with a sensitive kid. 

Don’t try to change who they are 

The door of communication opens with acceptance and understanding so let your child be who they are. Being more sensitive makes them more intelligent, empathetic and kind which will help them become understanding adults. Make sure none of your approaches is directed towards changing them. 

Empathise with them 

Sensitive children ought to feel hurt, emotional or just overwhelmed often, and parents’ reactions can mean a lot to them. Empathise with them when they come to you with a problem. Let them know it is safe for them to truly express what they feel. 

Help them overcome obstacles 

They may be afraid of trying something new or could feel consumed with the possibility of events turning out. Give them time to ease into the idea. Talk them through each step and phase if you feel this could help. 

Give them their space 

Allow them to sit with their feelings. Avoid trying to change their feelings and telling them how to react. Give them some time to absorb the situation and talk to them when they feel prepared to have a conversation. 

Don’t be too strict and rigid 

Have some rules in place but don’t be too strict about it. If they misbehave or are not willing to listen, talk to them and understand the reason. 

Here are some ways to communicate with a sensitive child. What method works the best for you?

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