How to Introduce Kids to Yoga

Nov 19 , 2020

Yoga when taken up as a practice, has a lot of benefits to offer and most of the adults prefer this form of exercise. Many parents plan to introduce yoga to children in their early years as learning the asanas properly takes time but the benefits are endless.

There are few tips that can help you while trying to teach yoga to your children. Here are some things to keep in mind when you plan to get started:

  • Help them understand the basic when you practice yoga yourself. Introduce it to them by including them in your routine while you exercise.
  • Introduce them slowly to chanting as yoga isn’t just about performing asanas. Practice with them for encouragement.
  • Teach them yogic principles and get them books that can help them understand the true essence of yoga.
  • Share your valuable experiences and tell them how practicing yoga did wonders for you, personally.
  • Use your creativity to make yoga interested for young kids.
  • Do not deprive them of other forms of exercise and make sure you are not forcing them to join rather make them want to participate.
  • Start with breathing exercises as it is the most easy one to follow, initially.
  • Take a little time while introducing them to different branches of yoga, make sure they are able to make sense of one thing before they are introduced to another.

These tips can be helpful while trying to teach your kids about yoga. You can also take help of yoga teachers for expert opinion and if you too are in process of learning.

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