How to Keep your Baby’s Hair Soft

Mar 09 , 2021

We all love to keep our babies perfect but their hair need some extra care as they are delicate and using gentle-child safe products are important . Whether the child is bald or has hair, it is recommended that we maintain the baby’s hair.  Simple bathing and grooming changes can make hair smooth, check out ways to keep their hair soft and smooth.

  • Shampooing

Whether your baby has less hair or no hair, shampoo atleast once  a week. Use warm water to wash their head and avoid doing frequent shampoo as it makes the scalp dry. Do use a mild sulfate free baby shampoo .

  • Daily brush/comb

After your baby’s hair get dry, run the comb through their hair for five to ten minutes for straightening all the tangled hair. Use a wide-toothed comb for easy combing; also keep your baby’s comb separate. Do not forget to comb him daily.

Source Firstcry Blog

Source Firstcry Blog

  • Oiling

You must apply baby oil to your kid’s hair once a week using a shampoo wash. Baby oil is a deep conditioner and works great for making baby hair smooth. Apply oil and let it sit for few minutes before washing.

  • L.O.C method

In this method, L.O.C stands for Liquid, Oil, and Crème. Add your favorite liquid water or conditioner, and then add oil and using butter crème like- cocoa butter massage baby’s hair. Doing these steps will make sure that your child’s hair has all the moisture that they need and will help the moisture stay in for a couple days.

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