How to stop sibling fights

How to Stop Siblings Fights

Aug 23 , 2021

Children always give a beautiful turn to their parent’s life. As a mother, I am blessed with two sons who are very close to my heart. But, sometimes they drive me crazy by getting involved in fights with each other. These situations are very common but quite challenging too as a parent so today, I am going to share my experience  and ways to  tackle this problems without any hassle:

  1. Be Fair

If you really want to stop fights between your kids, you should take a fair decision. Usually, parents scold their elder son/daughter as they think that their younger child isn’t a mature enough. I am a mother of two kids and they know that I’ll always take a fair decision and that’s why they always come to me first to tell the whole scenario and I always try to find a way which makes both of them happy.


  1. Don’t compare

Comparison leads to conflicts as nobody like to be compared with someone else. Most of the time, parents talk about the good things of their friend’s children whenever their kids indulge in fights which affect their confidence level. But, they need to understand that no one is perfect in this world. So, stop comparing and try to find the real cause of fight to prevent future incidents.


  1. Set Some Strict Rules

No one likes to follow rules but they are the best way to keep everyone disciplined. Handling mischievous kids isn’t an easy task to do but you can control them by setting some strict rules. All you need to do is to make your children understand that they will be awarded for their good behaviour. On the contrary, there will be consequences if they cross their limit and that’s how I stop fights between my children.


  1. Don’t lose your patience

Sometimes, parents raise their voice on their children or hit them very badly which somewhere affect their personality. This leads to several complications like kids lie to their parents, hide their problems, or get depressed. I advise you to handle your kids without losing your composure and it will also make your bond with them stronger.


  1. Try to make a strong bond between your kids

Sometimes, regular fights create a huge difference between kids which creates a problem in future. I always try to buy two similar things like toys, chocolate etc. for both of them so that feeling of jealousy doesn’t invoke between them. Apart from that, I share my experience of having an elder brother with them so that they can understand the importance of their relationship. These small activities  make a big impact in stopping their fights.

I would love to hear your opinion on the same so do let us know in the comment sections.


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