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Important Road Safety Rules You Must Teach Your Child

Jun 22 , 2020

Whether your children walk to school or go by bicycle, or even take the bus, they should be taught basic rules to stay safe on roads. So, here are the most important road safety and traffic rules for kids that every parent must teach their children

•    Traffic signals

Teach them what red light signals mean. Red means Stop, Green means go, and yellow means slow down.

•    Zebra crossings

This is one safety tip that you must ask your kids to follow. Tell them to always cross at the zebra crossing. Also ask them to hold hands of parents, siblings or friends while crossing the road.

•    Always look left and right

As kids get older and cross roads by themselves then do not forget to teach them this golden rule. Look to the left and right of the road at a green traffic light.

•    Use of sidewalks

Teach your kids to use sidewalks while walking on the road. Whenever you walk with them use walking paths, so that they get an example. To stay safe on the roads ask them to use sidewalks.

•    No running on roads

Children tend to run across the streets to get to the other side, but you need to tell them not to do that. Teach them to never run across the roads.

•    Staying safe on a bicycle

If your child is old enough to ride a bike and travels to school on it, then make sure he is aware and follows certain rules:

•    Always wear a helmet

•    Always use the bicycle lane

•    Check the working condition of the bicycle, the breaks and lights

•    Always paddle at a safe speed

•    If he goes out in dark, ask them to wear bright clothes and put a light on their bicycle as well

Every child must know and follow the above-mentioned safety rules.

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