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‘Lazy Eye’ Can Affect Your Child’s Vision

Apr 19 , 2021

Lazy vision is another name given to Amblyopia and it is a condition when the vision of one eye is compromised and due to that, the brain may not take the image from that eye.

Untimely treatment and not paying attention to this can cause permanent vision loss hence it is important to know how to recognize this condition. Here is everything to know about Lazy Eye and how you can get it treated.

Signs of lazy eye

  • Disturbed depth perception
  • Squinting of eyes
  • Tilting head to see something

Causes of lazy eye

The exact cause of this condition is still unknown but a few contributing factors can cause stunted development. Here are the possible reasons:

  • Sagging eyelid due to a growth problem
  • Development of cataract in one of the eyes
  • The difference in refractive power of the eyes.

This condition is seen in early childhood and identifying it early can give better chances of correction.

There are lot of factors that can determine if a child has Amblyopia. For example, if any of your family member has suffered from this, chances are that your child may too. Other reason could be premature birth or other birth defects that could lead to it.

Children should get tested before starting school and that can help in assessing their vision development. You can also keep an eye out for any signs for timely treatment of this condition.

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