How to Make Father Daughter Relationship Stronger

Apr 02 , 2018

Fathers find it difficult to connect with their daughters because they think that they have more in common with their boys. But with a little more understanding, fathers can feel just as comfortable around their daughters as they do their sons.  Today I have a strong bonding with my daughter but it wasn’t that easy and required few efforts so here am I sharing some tips to create a loving and secure relationship with your little princess.

Stay patient

Patience has always been the key to make any relationship stronger. My little angel is now 23 years old and my relationship with her has been getting stronger with every passing year. Sometimes, she drives me crazy but I always try to hold my horses so that things get sorted out without any hassle. So, you should do the same rather than scolding your daughter.

Make her laugh

Father-daughter Laughing

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If you want to make your relationship with your daughter stronger, try to make her laugh. I have personally experienced that distance between kids and parents gets increased when they think that their parents are boring. My daughter considers me as one of her best friends because I always laugh at her jokes and try to make her laugh too.

Don’t interfere with her privacy

When kids get older they need more privacy and especially in a father-daughter relationship. Being a father, I always try to protect my daughter from bad people or bad habits. On the contrary, I respect my daughter’s privacy so that she will feel free. So, it is advisable for you to drop your detective habits for a better relationship with your daughter.

Give your time to her

Father-daughter time

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With every passing year, children think that their parents don’t have time for them. But as a father, I know that this is not the truth because parents are more focused towards their profession so that they can fulfill their children’s needs. I always try to give my daughter most of my time by taking her out for movie or dinner. So, if you want the stronger father-daughter relationship, I suggest you to be with her in your free time.

Let her be herself

Many parents force their children to meet their expectations so that their kids don’t have to face any struggle which they have come across. But, somewhere they are killing the dreams of their children and that’s why the difference between them gets increased. I always suggest my daughter what is right for her and let her decide whether she wants to do or not. So, always remember you can’t change her according to you as it is her life.



Source- newkidscenter

Develop in her the confidence to come and speak to you openly about any concern/topic she may have, the same way she does with her mother. Convey that you trust her and be it about decisions taken by her or about sharing a secret with you.

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