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Funny Pranks you can Play on your Mom

May 17 , 2021

Every day we annoy our mothers by doing things she doesn’t approve of  but playing pranks on her will be fun. When she is always serious about life, you must have a little fun with her and show her the lighter side of life. We are sure she might get angry with you, but she will have a great laugh and enjoy the moment. Check out some really cool pranks ideas below:

  • Fake tattoos

Most of the mothers don’t love tattoos so

get a temporary tattoo and freak her out.

  • Get creepy

Put your clothes on the other way round (shorts on the head, T-shirt on your legs), hold a mannequin’s head between your legs and wait for the screams to begin!

  • Tell them you forgot your little sister/brother outside

She is going to beat you up for this, but it will be fun.

  • Tell them you are pregnant

Don’t do this if your parent has a weak heart and do not play it for a long time.

  • Switch water with a similar colored drink

For example, you could fill the mayonnaise jar with yogurt, fill a bottle of Sprite with water. This is going to be really fun.

    • Add drops of food coloring to your mom’s toothbrush to dye her teeth.
    • Turn on the auto correct option on your mom’s phone

      • Act as if you have spoiled her makeup products
      • Change her alarm clocks
      • Paint her car with temporary colors

These pranks will make the day memorable for both of us. But don’t forget to gust her something at the end of the day. 

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