Natural Remedies for Sunburn

Feb 11 , 2020

Sunburns can be painful so care and precautions needs to be taken to keep the child free of infections. Here we bring you some natural remedies for healing sunburns and for reducing its pain instantly. Take a look.

Aloe Vera

Its pulp and the gel that we get in the market ease discomfort, moisturizes the skin and speeds healing. Either you can apply the plant pulp directly on the affected area or opt for pure aloe vera gel.

Baking Soda

This magical ingredient that we all usually have in our kitchen is a perfect one for sunburns. The anti-inflammatory property is the reason to make it best in easing sunburns.



Honey speeds up the healing process and reduces infection chances too.  It is also said to minimize pain.


Wrap up a bag of  ice cubes in a soft towel and apply on the burn. Never place ice directly on skin as it can cause frostbite and even severe damage to the skin.


Place a cotton ball soaked in cold milk can be soothing for the skin.

Coriander oil

It has been found that rubbing this oil on the affected area can reduce inflammation.


You can mash it up and apply on the affected area like mask or juice some cucumbers and store it in a spray bottle and apply when needed.

Coconut oil
A sunburn can dry the skin, so rehydrating with coconut oil (mixed with a little lavender oil) can help.

These natural remedies can be helpful in giving fast relief for sunburns and especially with children, knowing these are even more essential. It helps as you do not have to wait for the doctor to do the first aid.

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