Poisoning Hazards for Kids!

Jan 28 , 2020

Parents are  aware  about the common poison risks for their children but there are many other poisoning hazards too that they are unaware of.  Many of us as parents overlook them without considering them to be for our little ones so we list a few of them

Essential Oils

These oils like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus and tea tree oil are natural but do not guarantee to be safe always. Depending on how much its intake is done, it can further cause vomiting, stomach pain, breathing difficulties, muscle weakness etc.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products


Cosmetics have tons of chemicals in it so it can be very dangerous. Like when a kid inhales talcum powder, he can have breathing problems, sanitizer has the risk of alcohol poisoning etc so they all should be kept out of reach.

Detergent pods

Detergent pods are attractive to kids as they are bright in color. Eating laundry pods by children have been heard many times and doing so it causes vomiting, lethargy, coughing, breathing difficulties, and in rare cases even coma conditions are possible.

Pet medicines and Food

Medicines of any type need attention. Kids are curious and can swallow them wandering in the house so keep them out of reach. It is advised to store pet medicines in areas that children do not have an access. Even keep a check that your pet does not spits out the medicine somewhere in the house.

Pet Food

Dry pet food, especially dog food, is a choking hazard for young children. Besides this  there is the more hidden hazard that parents may not be aware of — the recalls of pet food because of contamination with Salmonella.

E-cigarette devices


These E-cigarette devices with liquid nicotine can also be very harmful. They are highly concentrated so, its small intake too can harm more. Its side effects shows increased heart rate, muscle twitching, vomiting and sweating. Moreover, if its liquid gets on skin it can cause a burning sensation. It’s recommended not to use cigarettes near children.

Tip: Read product labels to find out what can be hazardous to kids.

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