Ways to help your child speak clearly

Aug 04 , 2020

It is not uncommon for parents to become upset when they see their child struggling with speech. The best support you can offer starts with knowing which speech behaviors are normal at a particular age and how you can help your child learn to speak clearly.

So here are few helpful tips and tricks to make kids speak clearly

Talk more

Talk to your child about everything because your child will hear you speak the words the better they’ll know how to pronounce them correctly.

Stand Close To your Child

When you talk with your child, go close to them and lean or kneel down as getting closer will make it easier for them to hear you. This way, your child will be able to clearly hear the details of your speech sounds.

Create a Situation

Create a situation where the child can talk and create a story on his own. You can tell him to talk about his favorite toys, games etc.


Ask questions with choices

If you’re focusing on developing a particular sound, then ask questions from your child that have multiple options. This gives you the chance to repeat certain words targeting the particular sound.

Prepare your child to ask for help

Ways to help your child speak clearly

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Bound your child’s access to things like the t.v., toys, food, or going outside. Set it up so they have to make a request or ask for help to access these things. This will help them to come up and express themselves.

Listening Skills

Talk first, before you show or do something because this will help your child develop their listening skills. Add in visual cues to help them learn and understand better. This helps your child develop the hearing area of their brain, which is they’ll use when monitoring their own speech.

So, try out these amazing ways and make your child speak clearly.

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