6 reasons why your baby wakes up in the mid of the night

Reasons Why Infants Wake Up At Night

Jun 15 , 2021

Sleepless nights are common among every new parent as baby wakes up in the middle of the night due to some reason. Parents think that maybe the child might be unwell so they are crying but this is not the only reason. After a discussion with a pediatrician  we lists few reasons on why babies cry in the night

1. Teething

6 reasons why your baby wakes up in the mid of the night

When your babies’ teeth start coming, you can feel the sharp teeth buds when you touch the jaws. This is the time when they go through some discomforts as this situation is hard for a baby and painful too. This pain does not only disturb them at daytime but at night too.

2. Diaper problems

This is one of the most common reasons due to which a child wakes up at night. Wet diapers disrupt their restful sleep. So, you must change your baby’s diaper on time or switch to a long-lasting diaper at night.

3. Everyday discomforts

When your baby suffers from cold and cough, the blocked nose, wheeziness makes things very uncomfortable for them to sleep. This is the reason why they wake up at night and at times the pain after the vaccination can also be the reason for lack of sleep.

4. Digestive problems

6 reasons why your baby wakes up in the mid of the night

The gas and reflux is too painful for a baby due to which it disrupts the peaceful sleep. Colic is also one of the reason for disturbed sleep among very small babies.

5. Lack of food

Newly born babies need food almost every hour.  Even after a certain age, they need feeding at least one time at night so when hungry they wake up in the night and show their hunger by crying.

6. Too hot or too cold

It is not very easy for small children to adjust to every weather as they are sensitive so it is very important to dress them according to the weather. Do not overdress them to avoid cold because it can suffocate them, and under dressing them to avoid heat can make them  uncomfortable.

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