Reasons why new born babies cry

Reasons Why New Born Babies Cry

May 25 , 2020

Are you stressed  or upset because your baby cries a lot? Don’t forget you little munchkins cannot not  express himself so he portrays his feelings through tears. Though there is no specific cause behind it but it’s important for you to understand and notice the signs that they convey. Read on to learn how to decipher baby’s cries, plus helpful tips for soothing those tears.



Hunger is the first and the most common one as newborns need to get feed on time and repeatedly.  When hungry they try out loud  to indicate the message. Some of the signs which can help you know that your baby is hungry are fussing, lip smacking, rooting and putting their hands to their mouth.

Diaper discomfort

At times a wet diaper makes the baby uncomfortable because of which they are not able to stay in it so they get irritated. So keep checking your baby’s diaper and change it as soon as it gets heavy or you can buy the ones that change the color after it gets wet.

Gas problems

Reasons why new born babies cry

Many times a newborn also cries because of the trouble he faces in the stomach due to the gas problem. In this situation, the child cries continuously for hours till he does not get relaxed. He may also tighten his fist, bend his back and pump his legs. The best thing you can do is try to hold him from the stomach or bicycle his legs to help him relieve the gas.


Colic is a state where a baby cries more than three hours a day, more than three days a week, for more than three weeks in a row. It’s not because of pain or any health issue it happens without any reason and is one of the toughest situations to control. It also leads to problems in having a sound sleep so, in such cases, you must consult a doctor and take the right advice.


Reasons why new born babies cry

No one likes being sick and thus the newborns also feel miserable when they are not feeling well. There can be many health reasons like fever, cold or vomiting due to which a newborn often gets disturbed. At such time they feel very uneasy and cry more than the usual days.

Lack of attention

Along with adults even the newborns want attention and people around them to play with. Though they can’t verbally communicate but leaving them alone for a long time makes them feel lonely. The reason behind this is the early stage of baby’s development in which they require proper care and love being rocked.

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