The Four Gift Rule for Christmas

Dec 23 , 2019

Christmas is the season of gifts and every year parents struggle to decide what to gift their kids. Every parent wants  their kid to believe that Santa left a gift for them.  A gift should be useful and something that they love so whenever deciding what to gift to your kid this Christmas you must consider the four gift rule.  Read on to know more about it

What it is?

The 4 gift rule is a simple guideline that keeps your Christmas in control. With this rule, each person gets four gifts for Christmas. It sounds difficult, but cracking it down is simple and it makes shopping easier.

Source Dixie delights

Source Dixie delights

  1. Buy something they want
  2. Buy something they need
  3. Buy something to wear
  4. Buy something to read

How to get it right?

Something they want:  You can get something that your kid wants, this may be the easiest category to grab because a lot of kids have a wish list item.

Something they need:  It is the easiest for the parents because as a parent you know what they need.

Something to wear:  The obvious choice is clothes

Something to read,: If your kid loves reading then it is not difficult for you, but if they don’t then you have to choose one book that they might enjoy.

In order to make you understand how you can use this rule, here is an example:

Consider your kid is school-aged children (6-11 years)

Source Times of India

Source Times of India

  1. Something they want: Maybe a new bicycle
  2. Something they need: This is easy as every parent knows what their children want
  3. Something to wear: Shoes and clothes
  4. Something to read: An entire series of a book they will like or it can be coloring or story books as well.

Benefits of using 4 gift rule:

This rule ensures that your kids receive most gifts without breaking your budget. By following this you can actually find something useful for your kids. The beauty of the four gift rule for Christmas is that you can modify according to your family. Another benefit of using the 4 gift rule is it that it makes receiving presents simpler for the child.

Take on this 4 gifts rule for Christmas challenge and make your kids happy.

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