Things you must keep in mind before keeping your Baby’s name

Things to Keep in Mind While Naming your Baby

Nov 18 , 2020

Selecting a name for your newborn munchkin is one of the most special feelings and excitement is on the peak. Though it is really a happy phase but choosing an appropriate name for your baby is not easy. There are many aspects you must consider and few things that you must keep in mind before finalising the name.

Will it sound good even when he grows up?


Some names really look cute on babies but once your kid grows up it sounds really funny according to their age. So, it is important to choose a name that will always leave an impressive impact and which will also be loved by your kid, after all, it will stay with him forever.


It’s a common saying that the name of your child has a deep influence on his personality. Think about the meaning before selecting any name. Talk to your partner and discuss what you really want your kid to become. Do you want it to symbolize your union with your partner or on something that you feel passionate about? Ask such questions from yourself and come to a conclusion.

Sibling’s name

Many parents plan for a second child or already have a kid. In such cases, you must keep the name of your little one according to the one you choose for the other child or may want to. Some partners want their children’s name to match with each other whereas a few want to keep it in a way that they sound different.


No doubt every parent wishes to keep their child’s name unique but don’t select something that is really complicated. Keep in mind the length, spelling, and pronunciation of the word you are planning to choose. At times for the sake of doing something different we make it too weird for others. Even if you are going for some mythological inspired name just make sure that it’s not too long and hard to speak.pronounce.

Avoid giving the opposite gender name

Many people have a misconception that names are not masculine or feminine but that’s not true because some names really sound odd, and people get confused with their gender after hearing them. For ex: if we say Jyoti most of the people will assume it to be a girl because it is a very uncommon name for boys.

Don’t forget to add the surname


There are many parents who forget to add the surname while getting their baby’s name registration done. This causes major problems in the future for their kids because it is the most important part of a person’s identity. So in all the official documents from the beginning surname must be mentioned to avoid the mishaps.

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