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Tips to Prepare for Class 10th CBSE Board exams

Feb 17 , 2020

Board exams play a very important role in every student’s life as it helps you choose your subject further or change school. A lot of practice and revision is required to score well in board exams. But besides that you also need some great tips on preparing for the examination as well. In order to help you with your studies, here are some subject wise tips for you. Check them out below:


In class 10th there is only one science exam, so you can create a preparation strategy by diving the three subjects- Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.


  • Remember that diagrams are very important in this subject.
  • Never forget to draw diagrams neatly and always label them.
  • Make sure you remember the spelling of specific terms correctly.


  • While preparing make a one page summary of all the chapter so that you can revise it one night before the exam.
  • There is no need to learn all the equations mentioned in your books, focus on learning the different equations.
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Source boksburgadvertiser.


  • Physics is the most scoring part, it all depends on how easily and precisely you solve the numerical.
  • While studying theorems make short notes of important steps, so that you can revise them.
  • Make small cards of all formulae and keep reading it again and again


Source menudestiu

Source menudestiu

Most of the students consider maths as the most difficult subject, however, it is the most scoring one:

  • Do not just rote-learn the formulae but understand how the answer is derived.
  • Solve various questions that use the same formula to understand the trick
  • Find out different rules of using each formula.
  • Once you are done with formula start solving mock tests and previous year’s test papers as much as you can.
  • For time management solve every test paper in a time limit.

Social studies:

  • When it comes to history, make notes of all the important dates and events. Arrange them in a timeline format so that you can remember it easily.
  • To score in Geography, study the map thoroughly and have a look at previous year’s question papers.
  • Instead of simply learning terms, try to remember everything about the topic in a story format. It is an easy way to learn.

All subjects require dedication and practice, make sure you practice well. Divide your time and invest equal time in all subjects.

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