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Ways to Calm a Crying Baby

Apr 05 , 2021

Soothing a crying baby is a challenge and figuring out the reason is another tough task. Other than the obvious reasons like a diaper change, hunger, or illness, at times the babies cry for no reason too . Screaming babies is like a nightmare for parents and sometimes they seem inconsolable no matter what you do. But as everyone wants a happy and calm baby so here are few ways to soothe a crying baby:

  • Lend a clean finger

Source The Standard

Source The Standard

For some little munchkins sucking on finger and hands can be very soothing so when they cry you can touch a finger to the top of their mouth to soothe them. This nonnutritive sucking doesn’t fill their tummies but does calm their nerves.

  • Move them

Your baby might need some movement so bounce him up and down or swing from side to side to settle him.

  • Soothe with noise

Some of the babies calm down by hearing rhythmic whooshing sounds. You can also try shushing your baby with “Shhhhhh…shhhh…shhhh…” sounds. If this works then you can even get a white noise machine for the little one.

  • Give a massage

Source Mothersspace

Source Mothersspace

Massaging your little one can be relaxing for him and a great way to calm your crying baby. You can use lotion or baby massage, just be sure to use a gentle touch.

  • Go outdoors

Fresh air can work wonders for crying babies. The change in light, air, temperature, sights, sounds, and smells can  improve baby’s mood.

  • Colic Carry

Sometimes when your baby is crying inconsolably what she needs is some pressure on her tummy better known as colic carry to help relieve gas and colic.

  • Entertain

Babies too get bored so entertain them by narrating your actions, silly noises and animated expressions.

  • Swaddle your baby

Swaddling your baby in a blanket makes your little bundle of joy feels secure and cozy. Many experts think swaddling soothes babies and gives them a womb-like feeling.

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