Lies that almost every parents tell their Kids

Top Lies Parents Tell Their Kids

Jul 20 , 2021

During our childhood, we all might have heard our parents telling us lame lies to stop us from doing things that they don’t want us to do. The funny yet cute part about this is that mostly every child believed it. So, let’s cherish some of such funny moments when our parents used to lie to us

  • If you will not drink milk then you will not grow big.
  • If you will not behave properly then the monster will come and eat you up.

  • Sleep before the “Bori Vala Baba” comes.
  • Don’t make such weird faces because if you won’t stop, it will remain the same forever.

  • Just wait for 10 minutes more we are almost there.
  • All babies have been dropped by the angel on earth.

  • Don’t dig your fingers in nose otherwise, it will get stuck there.
  • Next time we will surely buy this toy. Right now it is not for sale.

  • Don’t worry injections are not that painful. Just be calm and think about something else.
  • If you will not study then I will send you to the hostel.
  • If you will swallow gum then it will stick in your stomach for years.
  • Brush your teeth every night otherwise, the tooth fairy will take them away.
  • Mom is going to doctor to get an injection? Do you also want one?

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