Ways to Create a Simple Back to School Routine

Jul 01 , 2019

Vacations are almost over and it is time to get back into a routine. Accept it or deny it, a school routine keeps the wheel of life going and makes your life simple and organized. With each class there are different challenges and needs so it’s important to get into the routine and here are few ways to do it to make your back to school morning routine even more efficient.

•    Create a morning routine schedule

Few days before the vacations are about to get over, set a habit of the kids to wake up early in the morning so that they adjust to the timings.

•    Prepare the backpack

Make your kid’s backpack clean and organized. Collect all the stuff, books, holiday home work project , stationery and other materials that is required in the class.

•    Decide a bed time

Only if they sleep early, they will learn to wake up early in the morning. We all know how cranky kids can be without a good night sleep so get your kids on bed on time.

•    Do meal planning

Meal planning is less stressful when done in advance so decide what you are going to cook the next day a night before. To make it easier, you can do some preparations in advance as well.

•    Organize Uniform

Get the school dress ready and try it before hand as its their growing age so make sure the dress still fits them perfectly to avoid any problem on the first day.

All the best for the school.

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