Ways to Help Kids Tackle Test Anxiety

Jan 19 , 2021

Does your child need help with taking exams? There are many ways as parents we can help them out and it does not always mean scolding or beating.  My daughter had phobia for tests so I decided to help her for which I took few simple steps and fortunately they worked. Now  she doesn’t fear from  them and scores well too so I am sharing few tips that helped her

Encourage positive self-talk

Encouraging them that they can do it and tests are not something that they need to be afraid of is important. Positive self-talk is good to deal with anxious thoughts. Like if they find something very hard to do, help them out in solving it. Teach them that it’s nothing to worry about and things will go smoothly. Be there for help.

Talk to the teacher

Many children are not open in the class. So parents need to talk to teachers as well to know how their kids are in school so that they can help them deal with issues. Kids need to boss back negative thoughts and not be scared of the circumstances of future. Not opening up in class and not asking questions when there is a query has been seen in many children.


Talk test strategy

Help them with strategies to deal with tests. Like go for easier questions first and time management to get back completing the bigger questions later. If time left, they need to have a habit of revising the work done.

Naps after a good session

After hitting books to prepare for exams allow them short naps. This way they are not stressed and the interest in studying afterwards is alive.  Sleep also helps lock information into the memory which is good for tests.

Involve the family

Instead of forcing to study, make learning interesting and enjoyable. Play game of questions and make it easy for them. Learning with enjoyment is the best way to help kids with tests.

Relaxation strategy

After studying or when it seems very hectic to go on with it anymore, ask them to close eyes and identify things nearby, or lay down for a while and take deep breaths etc. These relax the mind and short breaks are equally important, because it’s easy to study with a fresh mind again afterwards.

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