Weird things teenagers do to make their parents agree them

Weird Things Teenagers Do to Make their Parents Agree Them

Jan 28 , 2020

Tantrums are something that is common in almost every teenager but some go extreme to make their parents agree them. No matter whether what they are asking for is right or wrong, they just want  to do it and for same they at times go extreme to make their parents agree to it.

  • Stop eating food and try to emotionally blackmail parents so that they get worried and make them have something.
  • Allegedly pretend that they are not okay, keep making sad faces.

  • Talk less and ignore some important discussions to make the parents know that they are angry.
  • School teachers start complaining about their abnormal behavior in class which eventually creates tension for mothers.

  • Shout unnecessarily on small things to provoke parents and have an argument so that their motive gets fulfilled.
  • Stop going to school and tuition and blackmail the parents emotionally.

  • This is something that nowadays many children have started doing; they create stress at home  saying they will run away one day.
  • Lock themselves inside the room and don’t open the door until someone comes and pamper them.

  • Cry for long hours to irritate and seek attention.
  • Switch off their phone so that no one can contact them.

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