What to do When Your Toddler has Trouble Grasping

Sep 23 , 2020

The motor skills in children take time to develop and to pick up the pace. You may notice your child struggling to pick up stuff and even dropping things often as the motor skills in children develop until eighteen months of age and till then, you may see them struggling with grasping things. There are many reasons your child may be facing trouble with the development of motor skills so here is what you should know about it.


This problem may appear due to a number of reasons. It is possible that your child may be taking more time than usual and has not been encouraged to develop those particular skills. Lack of such encouragement may result in poor development of these skills. It could also be a behavioral issue and you can know more about it after consulting with your doctor.

Ways to improve motor skills

If you have been observing this problem in your child, make sure that he or she is getting enough chances to develop their motor skills. Engage them in activities that will exercise their muscles. If you suspect that this problem runs deeper, you can consult your doctor and try to find out the reason.

Sometimes it can be a developmental issue that can be corrected with few exercises and even medications. It could also be a problem with senses and vision. Keep an eye on the progress and see how your child responds to that.

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