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How Giving Freedom to Children can Improve Their Well-Being

Sep 01 , 2021

 A study, published in the Child Development journal stated that families which give children autonomy (more freedom to make their own choices) were associated with improved well-being for everyone — parents and children alike. Most of us learn a lot about living without the support of our parents and wish we knew how to deal with this earlier. Of course, parents love their children and want to keep them protected but that does come at the cost of personal growth. Giving more freedom to children is not going to be as bad as one can think, instead, it has a positive effect. 

We tell you why it’s time for us as parents to give more freedom to your children:

It improves your relationship 

It is best to let children do what they want and be their guide and support system as it will help them confide in you. 

It is good for both parents and child’s mental health 

Arguing constantly over things, making it difficult for children to get permission and not being open to possibilities can take a heavy toll on the relationship. Instead, try to have a conversation with your children and understand their needs. This will keep the environment at home healthy too.

They learn from their mistakes 

Children may not make the right decisions all the time but at least they will keep you informed which is important from a safety point of view. Some of their decisions will also be a learning opportunity and they will learn about accountability. This way, they will feel comfortable communicating with you and that kind of ease is important. 

You can definitely set boundaries as parents to ensure their safety but giving them the freedom to do things they want will help you raise emotionally healthy children and they will appreciate that as adults. 

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