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Hacks to be a Smart Mother

May 03 , 2021

A mother is called a superwoman as she needs to handle the baby, work and family all together. But luckily with  technology, it is possible to manage baby and profession hand in hand to an extend. We have a few moms in our team and today they shared few hacks which they learnt over the years to make their life easy. Read on to know them

·  Take work from home

If you are a working mother than leaving your baby behind and going to office will be a difficult task, so try to opt work from home for at least 6 months. These days companies also provide such advantages to mother so avail them, this way you don’t have to leave your baby alone and you can also take care of him and work.

· Cook in large quantity

Bulk cooking will help you to spend more time with your baby; you would not need to go to the kitchen again and again for cooking.

· Shop online

Source: The Broke Agent

Source: The Broke Agent

One of the best ways to be a smart mother is to shop online; it will save your time and energy. You can shop for everything from grocery to clothes, this way you can avoid the hustle of traveling with a baby and spend time at home.

· Maintain a monthly budget

After a baby, the monthly budget of the home exceeds, in order to avoid any financial issues start planning your monthly budget in advance. Keep the track of your budget timely.

· Weekly schedule

To make things easy for yourself, plan the full week in advance for your child. With a bit of planning, you can make week easy, set up their clothes in the week organizer, prepare snacks in advance and plan outings.

  • Strap your baby in a stroller or pram

Pull the pram to your kitchen and finish off your chores while dancing, singing or just talking to your baby. Trust me, your baby will also have fun with you. Caution: Keep your baby at a safe distance from the stove and slab.

We hope these hacks will make your life easier.

  • Go out for walk

Take out some time and go out in fresh air for a walk with baby. If possible leave the little one with his/her dad and spend some time with yourself.

  • Complete work

Prioritize your work and finish the important work before the baby is awake or while he is sleeping.

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