5 lessons for parents from Marie Kondo's Show 'Tidying Up'

Lessons for Parents from Marie Kondo’s Show

Jan 10 , 2019

The famous Japanese organizational consultant Marie Kondo, author of the best selling, Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up has recently come as a new Netflix series named Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. The best part about these episodes is that they bring up amazing strategies and quick approach towards home, life, and kids. Check out some of the best things that these series teach parents:

Fold Clothes in front of your Kids

5 lessons for parents from Marie Kondo's Show 'Tidying Up'

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The first episode shows how you should make your kids learn to do small things themselves. She insists on folding the clothes in front of your children so that they learn how to do it, no matter whether they do it nicely or not. Joining them with you in your daily task can make them independent and in future, they will always do their work on their own.

Each Family member must know about their belongings

This is one of the most common problems that Women in our society face. Almost every member of the family depends on her for the things that they want. In one of the episodes, Marie teaches her family to be responsible for their belongings and help each other. Instead of just handing over them the stuff she makes them learn where it is kept so that next time they don’t have to ask her.

Marie encourages upright storage

Though mostly we all keep our clothes in piles in drawers but Marie encourages upright storage because it saves the space and not let things go messed up. You can also see anything in the drawer clearly when it is kept straight, so it does not take long  to decide.

Let things go with love

No doubt everyone is attached to their kids’ belongings but the things that are no more of use should always be discarded. Instead of storing them or getting upset for giving them away, Marie bids goodbye to all such stuff happily. She thanks and values them for being so helpful when they needed it.

Use old boxes for storage

5 lessons for parents from Marie Kondo's Show 'Tidying Up'

Source- Netflix

Marie doesn’t believe in the idea of spending money on buying empty boxes for storage. She insists people to use old shoe boxes for keeping everyday things. Along with this she also opens them to create more space which is one of the best cheap life hacks.

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