The Effects of Parental Alcoholism on Children

Oct 05 , 2020

Alcohol addiction is a common problem amongst adults and people are used to hearing about it but not about its impact on children.

Toddlers and young children are very impressionable and their parents are the mirror of the world. Alcohol abuse prevents these parents from making sound decisions and this may affect the brain development, personality, and behavior of their children.

Here are the effects of alcohol addiction that are commonly observed in children:

Trust issues

Growing up in a toxic environment where parents often lie to each other, can cause young children to develop trust issues.  It sows a seed of mistrust in their brain and can also affect their relationship with people in later stages of their lives.

Anger issues

Alcohol addiction is generally followed by abusive behavior and children may not be able to express themselves about how they feel. To cope up with this, they may develop anger issues and may lash out for no reason.

Self-critical nature

Children may feel constantly under pressure to be responsible for the family or may not understand how to take criticism. They may also turn out to be people pleaser and not want to upset anyone even at the cost of their peace and well-being.

May become alcoholic themselves

Since these children are always around alcohol and one or more adult who consumes it frequently, they may try to imitate them and be encouraged to try alcohol themselves.

Here are a few effects that are seen in children whose parents have an alcohol addiction. Remember you can always seek help and these signs can help you understand if a child’s growth is being affected by alcohol addiction.

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