Reasons why parents must give sex education to their girls

Parents Responsibility in Sex Education

Sep 15 , 2020

Though today’s generation is considered highly modernized but still there are many people for whom sex is a taboo. There are parents who face a lot of stress and problems when their daughters enter the teenage and the main reason behind this is the lack of communication and openness regarding such topics. Being a parent, you should be the first source of sex education for your children and here is why you must talk to them about it

Hormonal changes do occur

Reasons why parents must give sex education to their girls

Once your child enters the stage of teenage she will eventually face hormonal changes which are very natural and common. At this time instead of being strict with them, you must share your teenage experiences and tell them how you used to get attracted to your opposite sex. This will make things comfortable for your daughter and she will also be able to deal with it smartly.

Protection is must

No doubt it becomes a little weird for a parent to talk about sex with their kids but in today’s time, it is a must. Inappropriate knowledge can lead to health infections and problems. So even if your daughter thinks about any physical relation she must know its pros and cons beforehand.

Ignoring is not the solution

Reasons why parents must give sex education to their girls

You can ignore your daughter’s questions but cannot remove them from her mind so it’s better to give her the answers. Help her out in controlling her feelings she is facing in her life. Be good to her before she takes any wrong decision; explain to them about these upcoming changes and why it happens.

Peer Pressure

Teenage is one of the most sensitive phase of life and at this point you must show trust in them because many time  with the fear of sharing things with parents, they get misguided or take wrong knowledge from their immature friends.

Knowing about Menstruation is a must

Reasons why parents must give sex education to their girls

One of the most important things that almost every parent must understand is that never avoid talking about Menstruation with your daughters. They should never experience their first periods without any help or information so tell them about it at the right age and time. This will make them prepare in advance and they would not face a lot of trouble.

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