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Supporting Kids During the Coronavirus Crisis

Jun 15 , 2020

Covid-19 is has taught us that everything we take for granted. While we as adults are still grappling with the effects and precaution lists the kids the other side are having a tougher time understanding why they aren’t allowed to go out anymore. While it is still easy to explain a toddler but a young one can see your anger and distraction and not understand much. These are tough times and often we tend to take out pent up emotions on kids which is why give you a few tips that will surely help you

  • Give them time

Working from home is a different ball game. You need to do chores at home too and then you want some me-time as well. But kids often feel bored especially single kids so every day make a plan for them like a special painting session or just playing with toys. 

  • Give them the phone

Yes, screen time isn’t perfect but right now we are dealing with a pandemic and the usual parenting goals we all have don’t apply! Pls, give them games on the laptop, the phone or just put their favorite movie. 

  • Unconditional love

In these stressful times hugs can do wonders for your babies and you! Hug them and always tell them you love them. 

  • Set a chore a day

Chores with kids usually mean extra time but let them feel satisfied at doing something like watering the plants, helping you in the kitchen etc.

  • Keep away the serious talks

Every couple needs to figure out finances and many other important matters but discussing your tensions in front of the kids is a no-no. 

  • Set their schedule

Yes, it’s not going to be a rock-solid schedule but it will work. A loose idea of what is to be done when helps the kids have an idea about the day. 

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